About us

SECAP has been offering a significant contribution to industrial development in Italy since 1971 by affixing its signature on the design and production of complex power supply and energy conversion systems for all those markets where high performance and extraordinary reliability are required.

50 Years of Energy

For half a century we have been at the forefront and in close contact with our customer companies, both in Italy and abroad, acting as proper strategic partners for those public and private customers who have chosen to increase their efficiency, performance, reliability and cost savings with regard to equipment and industrial processes.

Combining 50 years of experience in the world of power supply and conversion, with a past centred on scrupulous company management, maximum reliability and total dedication to customers, today SECAP is a cutting-edge technological European market leader in electromechanics and, above all, the ideal partner for achieving ambitious goals that withstand the passage of time. A market leader which, with high-quality, personalized and modular solutions, delivers total customer satisfaction!