PLC200 – CPU


The PLC200 system includes two CPU modules: the first with an accessory board for LTE type communications, the second module contains an accessory board for connection to the supervision systems, standard typical of EtherCAT industrial automation, PROFINET. Briefly, the following are the features of the processor used: Renesas MCUs RX72M Group 240-MHz 32-bit RX MCU, on-chip double-precision FPU, 1396 CoreMark, Arithmetic unit for trigonometric functions, up to 4-MB flash memory (supportive of the dual bank function), 1-MB SRAM, EtherCAT Slave Controller, various communications interfaces including Ethernet MAC compliant with IEEE 1588, SD host interface, quad SPI, and CAN, 12-bit A/D converter, RTC, Encryption functions (optional), Serial sound interface, CMOS camera interface, Graphic-LCD controller, 2D drawing engine