New frontiers of electric mobility

According to the important consulting firm Alix Partners, the investments planned for the next 8 years by the car companies to develop electric, pure and hybrid propulsion models are 255 billion dollars, therefore, 10 times greater than those of the last years.
Who will decide to enter this market will therefore have to put in play large amounts of capitals and China, currently, comes as the Country more prepared for this revolution.
To complicate the diffusion of this technological development program there are unfortunately still several factors, above all, the cost of battery production; in fact, in the last two years the price of cobalt and nickel has doubled and in some cases even tripled and the expected increase in demand could further increase prices, as well as put in difficulty the world market for such resources.
With these considerations, it is possible that the definitive transition from the traditional car to the electric one will not proceed as quickly as the car industry would like, but the idea of ​​reducing pollution has become very dear to consumers, so it is almost certain that the trend towards electrification will proceed considering renewable and cleaner sources, thanks to which, within a few decades, it will be possible to optimally take stock of electric mobility.